German Shepherd Puppies: Features & Characteristics



The German Shepherd dog breed is America’s most famous dog breed. They have got a lot of recognition and popularity across the whole world. They are the most capable & working dog breeds. Although the devolution and courage of german shepherd dog breeds are unmatchable. They’re of amazing versatility. 

German Shepherd Puppies are also very much smart, courageous and intelligent puppies of all. They have an immense amount of confidence in them. Even though the big ones are being selected for the guard dogs, army dogs and can security purposes as well. 

“A German Shepherd is one of the only dogs in the world that loves you more than you love yourself.” 

Moreover, it’s a fact that these dogs are said to be originated from the country of Germany. They are a working breed of medium to large, as Stated by the FCI.  

History Of German Shepherd

German Shepherd dog breeds have full-length historical antecedents on their origin and till yet. This breed was officially known as the “Alsatian Wolf Dog” in the united kingdom and after the first great war, the name of this breed was changed to a german shepherd dog. German Shepherd breeds have an amazing appearance like the wolf. Hence, they are relatively considered as the modern dog breed, whose origin dating is to back then in 1899. They are preferably referred mostly for every kind of work per se. Furthermore, They are capable of doing the activities such as including disability assistance, search-and-rescue, police and military roles and acting.

Eventually, they are the second most recognised breed by the American Kennel Club. Moreover, they are the 7th most recognised and Registered breed by the Kennel Club of the united kingdom. Although the name of this breed was named by the queen of Switzerland and was first recognised as a member of the AKC group in the year 1908. 

German shepherd price

The initial prices of getting a german shepherd are around $500 – $1500. Although As according to the Nextdaypets, A general German Shepherd dog can cost around $800 only.

Even though these prices also shows up to the show quality dogs with the linage exceptional cases. Therefore As for the families, German Shepherd Puppies are always the best option. They have also got a great appearance of their own. They come under the category of medium to large. They are so longer and taller themselves, they have a black nose, a strong long neck and powerful jawlines as well. 

German shepherd puppies for sale near me

The german shepherd is the most recognised and versatile dog breed in the world. HereManyis the list of German shepherd puppies for sale at the nearby places are as follows – 


  • Elite German Shepherds, Luling, TX, United States,+1 512-767-4000
  • Hopper Farms- AKC Reg. German Shepherd Puppies, Gatewood, MO, United States,+1 573-255-3268
  • Von der Otto German Shepherds, Rockwall, TX, United States,+1 214-232-3194
  • Law German Shepherds, Morganton, NC, United States, +1 828-448-0123
  • Kraftwerk K9, named “Best Breeder in America” -Der Spiegel Magazine,Rochester, WA, United States,+1 360-273-6125
  • Gunbil German Shepherds, Larkspur, CO, United States,+1 719-220-2222
  • Vom Banach K9 – German Shepherd Puppies,+1 360-286-5173
  • Von Der Otto German Shepherds, Hodgen, OK, United States,+1 214-232-3194
  • Adelheid German Shepherds, O’Neill, NE, United States,+1 308-214-1273
  • Von Haus Wisenbaker German Shepherds, Manassas, VA, United States,+1 703-789-4727
  • ICNDF Dog Training Center, St. Augustine, FL, United States,+1 904-829-5654
  • Mittelwest German Shepherds, Wonder Lake, IL, United States,+1 815-653-1900
  • Vom Ragnar German Shepherds, Harvard, IL, United States,+1 773-552-0808
  • Blue Ridge Lane Farm & German Shepherds, Boston, VA, United States, +1 540-764-4158
  • Helensburgh German Shepherd Kennel,+1 864-764-4356
  • Givenhaus German Shepherds, Franklinton, NC, United States,+1 919-495-2830
  • Southern wind Kennels German Shepherd breeder in Florida, Brooksville, FL, United States,+1 787-509-8857
  • Roche’s German Shepherds For Sale in Wisconsin, Illinois & Iowa, Dog breeder, East Troy, WI, United States,+1 262-592-3009
  • Hayes Haus German Shepherds, West Newbury, MA, United States, +1 978-358-7672
  • Nevada Haus German Shepherd Breeders, Nevada, TX, United States,+1 914-420-5192

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German shepherd baby Features 

german-shepherd-German shepherd puppies have amazing appearances of their own. They have a high level of energy with good potential for playfulness. These puppies have also got great trainability skills as they are easy to train and have wonderless potential as well. Although moving towards the health and grooming needs of the german shepherd, they are easy to groom, they have good General Health with enough amount of shedding itself. These breeds also have the potential for gaining weight. Although apart from these, they are good friendly dogs or puppies. As they are affectionate with families, good with kids, friendly with children and friendly towards strangers itself. Even though the other Charastertics of this breed/puppies and adaptability, they are being adopted by the many people of apartmental living. They are highly recommended for the owner’s security and protection. German shepherd puppies also can tolerate the cold weather. They are absolutely awesome family dogs. Although the puppies of a german shepherd are also very alert, receptive and very much adaptable for learning new things. 

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Overall, the German Shepherd puppies are extremely and overwhelmingly strong and adorable. Even most of the people train and nurture them for the further security issues and Sale + Purchase as well. Even though these breeds are specifically known for their intelligence and easily catch up with the habit as well. They have a moderate grooming level, high activity level, moderate adaptability and trainability etc. Their average life span is said to be of maximum 9 – 12 years but it Rather depends upon the taking care, lifestyle and diet of the breed. Thus, they are very alert watchdogs. They are often very pet and kid-friendly as well. In fact, many dogs are now in police service, military service, service dogs and of course they are still the awesome herding dogs. Overall, it is Always advised to keep your child and german shepherds together to keep them happy, safe and playful as well. 


How much should a German shepherd puppy cost?

The German Shepherd is a highly recognised and prosperous dog breed, which can cost around $500 – $1500. These breeds always stay in high demand for their endless energy, power and commitment towards their owners. They are so good with the families, children and strangers themselves.  They are excellent watchdogs, service dogs, police dogs and guard dogs as well. 

Why German Shepherds are not good pets?

This breed has several disadvantages that the owners didn’t like or make them feel disown.  They are prone to canine hip dysplasia, a crippling and potentially fatal disease. They may have some seizures as well. However, they can be sometimes cracky, aggressive, and rude towards strangers as well. Although the overall appearance of this breed is quite dangerous. Thus, they can attack any strangers if they suspect any unusual activity of the person. Thus, these are the reasons which make them not so good pets. 

What are the 5 types of German Shepherds?

These are the five main types of German Shepherds are mentioned below – 

  • American Show Line German Shepherds.
  • West Show Line German Shepherds.
  • West Working Line German Shepherds.
  • East Working Line DDR German Shepherds.
  • Czech Working Line German Shepherds.

Hence, all the Above species of this breed is the specifics of the german shepherd dog breed. 

What dog is the smartest dog?

The Border Collie is said to be the smartest dog breed above all. They are energetic, smart and can easily learn things. They have got unlimited stamina, and work drive skills as well. This breed can weigh up to 35 – 40 pounds of weight. Overall, they are extremely wonderful dogs to live with the families, children and also very good with strangers.

What are the disadvantages of the German shepherds?

There are some ceratin cons or disadvantages after buying a german shepherd at your home. They can be so aggressive at a times. They shed a lot, they need to have a job on their own to stay focused and energetic. More often, they have to have a lot of health problems. As they are large in size and have an abundance of energy with them, which sometimes drives them crazy. However, sometimes they bark a lot as usual. They have to have temper issues, which is completely disagreeable by the owners themselves. 

Which type of German shepherd is best?

There are 5 different types of the german shepherd are mentioned below – 

Saddle Coat German Shepherd

Black German Shepherd

Panda German Shepherd

Sable German Shepherd

White German Shepherd

Thus, these german shepherd breeds are highly recommended as the best type of german shepherds. Every different coloured breed of german shepherd has its own distinct features and qualities as well. Which makes them more vulnerable and prosperous as well. 

Which colour German Shepherd is best?

The german shepherd dog breeds come in many textures and colours. They come in 13 different colours. However, they are a few selected particulars colours and textures, which are high in demand and widely recognised as well. Although the black German Shepherd is s said to be the best of all, according to the people’s choice. 

Are German shepherds easy to train?

Yes. they are the most obedient and easy to train. They have some excellent skills of their physical strength and fitness. They are easily trainable, they are working dog breed, work is the daily dose diet for them. Even though daily exercise is prescribed as the must thing for them. Overall the germs shepherd dog breeds are easily Trainable. 

Do German shepherds like to cuddle? 

Absolutely yes. German shepherds love cuddling. They love when their favourite person or their owners love them, gives them attention and time. As the likes being the centre of attraction and the hero of the family as well. Being loyal and protective is their very first nature. They can keep their owners happy and protective by keeping them safe and loved at the same time. 

Can German shepherds be left alone?

A german shepherd can be left alone but Not more than 4 hours. They could feel cranky, aggressive, hurt and lonely sometimes. As in the scenario of the 21st-century people are living a very busy life and they have time to spend with their pets. Which lead to the situation where pets have to stay alone at home. They can be sad. It can lead to several problems in their behaviour as they can be destructive at a time. It can also affect their ability to barking, digging and chewing as well. Hence, pet owners shall have proper care of their furry friends. After all, it’s our collective responsibility to make this world a better place for every living creature on this planet. 


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