How To Make A Dog Your Friend?



The dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries. They are known as the companion, friends, and favourite pets of humans from long ago. The basis of building a strong relationship between you and your dog is being attentive, friendly, playful, and care about the well-being of your dog would be helpful to build a fruitful relationship. Although having a strong bond between you and your dog is a source of protection, strength, and respect. 

Thus, there are some certain things to do with your pet for making the strongest bond ever:

Become the Pack Leader


When you become the in-charge or pack leader of your dog. Then you’ll earn the respect, mutual compatibility, and companionship with each other. 

 As Russ dillion puts “ dogs feel more secure when someone is in charge of them”. Hence, leadership is always proved to be the best.  

Go For Walks 



Going for a walk allows your dog to take in new and different scenery and smells, says Russ Dillon. Apart from this, the length and frequency should be appropriate for the dog as well as for the owner itself. It is also important for your both to get some fresh air and quality time together. 

Set Up a Playdate 


Setting up a playdate with other canine companions is never be a bad idea. They’ll get to learn so many playing activities, it will boost their energy level, and strengthen their stamina as well. Even though it’s an opportunity for your pet that gives them utmost comfort. 

Cuddle and kiss your Dog often  


As Dillon points out, “Most well-balanced dogs love the attention of getting kisses.”. “When we feel good and are happy to be around the dog, they can feel it,” says Dillon. If you cuddle and kiss your dog more often then your furry friend will definitely love you, become your friend, and will always protect you.

Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy 

Keeping your pet dog happy and healthy is the basic responsibility of a pet owner. A healthy diet is key to make you happy and always energetic throughout the day. Although more often consistently giving them treats and rewards will always make your dog cheerful and thrilled. Hence, pet owners should give their dogs perfect meals for perfect weight and body. 

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Make A Dog Your Best Friend During COVID

The dog has the ability to give love and an emotional connection with its owners. Moreover, Being creative and finding new activities to do with your dog is essential for a happy and emotionally content home companion.

As the covid- 19 pandemics forced us to stay indoors. This means we have to reimagine our relationships again with our friends, family, and pets. 


In addition to this, During the COVID pandemic, You all must have wondered to make your dog your friend and companion.

A recent study conducted at the University of Utah found that:

  • The presence of a companion dog is associated with lower cardiovascular responses during stressors, even lower than that of having a close friend present.
  • Being wholly satisfied and attached to your dog is associated with an owner’s increased oxytocin levels in the brain, compared to those without dogs.
  • Companion dogs make significant contributions in aiding social welfare situations, as therapy dogs have been shown to alleviate pain and distress in chronic pain patients.
  • Dogs play an important role in psychiatric settings, being successfully used with patients struggling with depression, loneliness, addiction, schizophrenia, and phobias.
  • When examining emotional responses, participants with their dogs present have significantly lowered feelings of distress and nervousness.
  • Overall, interactions with their dog make people happier, less lonely, and more relaxed, secure, and affectionate.

Fun Activities To Do With Your Dogs 

  1. Walk on  the Beach 
  2. Try to Play Tug of war 
  3. Have a birthday party for your doggie 
  4. Dress up for Halloween
  5. Run and jog together
  6. Go on a bike ride together 
  7. Play hide and seek with your doggie 
  8. Go on Dog- friendly shopping store
  9. Get your doggie a massage 
  10. Sleep in bed and have breakfast as well. 


Hence, there are different ways to make a dog your best friend as mentioned above. Although most of the dogs become very angry or exciting when it comes to meeting new people or strangers. More often old dog breeds don’t feel awkward meeting new people or seeing new things. 

Besides, some dogs can become very easily while some never come along. So, pet owners should take some time to get to know each other, which is the basis of a healthy and fruitful relationship.

Although As being the friend of your dog you should take care of your furry friend, who can’t speak but can express, feel, and accommodate itself. So, having a pet and being friends with them is a good deed. 


How do you make friends with an unfriendly dog?

There are 10 ways to befriend an unfriendly Dog – 

  1. Learn about a Dog’s background 
  2. Cultivate a Clam State of mind 
  3. Let the dog come to you
  4. Pretend that You Cannot see the Dog
  5. Try not to make any sudden movement when your dog appraises you
  6. Know the signs that a dog is not ready to Approached

How do you become a dog’s favourite person?

Dogs certainly have their favourite persons in their space. Even though there are multiple ways to become your Dog’s Favourite person. 

  1. Play fetch, hug, and hide n seek. 
  2. Have more training Sessions with them
  3. Give your dog more weekly grooming and message.
  4. Feed them good food.
  5. Pay your attention to them
  6. Play some outdoor activities with them.
  7. Let them plays and be friends with the Other Domesticated Animals 

How long does it take for dogs to become friends?

Dogs are the most popular Domesticated Dog breeds in the World. They are regarded differently in different parts of the world. In general, it is not a new thing for dogs that they’d become friends with some instinctively. It usually takes several months to become friends with others or with human beings. However, your dog needs to be with friends and keep themselves comfortable. Particularly most of the police dogs and Guard Dogs shall become friends with others that’d become easier to be happy. 

How do you make a street dog a friend?

There are multiple ways to be friends with stray and animals And street Dogs. 

  1. Be calm But Caution with them
  2. Avoid Eye contact and move Slowly.
  3. Be nice and kind to them
  4. Offer them some treats and Rewards
  5. Pay attention to them

Therefore, these are some ways to become a friend and play nice with them. Streets don’t have a home to be in or someone to take care of them every one as most of the other dogs has. Thus, humans Shall play nice with them. 

How do you make a scared dog feel safe?

There are some few tactics and Aprroceshes to save your dog from being Scared are as follows – 

  1. Stay Positive
  2. Don’t Force things 
  3. Get down to the dog’s level 
  4. Turn Sideways
  5. Never Punish A fearful Dog 

How do I get my friend’s dog to like me?

There are multiple ways to get liked by the Friend’s Dog are as follows – 

  1. Let them come over to you 
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Respect their Space 
  4. Get on their level
  5. Stay Clam And respect them 

How do you get a shy dog to not be shy?

There are 7 ways to Bond with a shy Dog Are as follows – 

  1. Take A walk
  2. Create comfortable Environment 
  3. Brush your dog More Often
  4. Get to Know the dog on their time 
  5. Let them meet with the other pets 

How do you get two dogs to be friends?

The most effective way to get two dogs to be friends with others. As they should let them sniff with other dogs and Greet each other Community. Give them positive reinforcement Through Calm Verbal Affirmation. You shall take them on walks Together. 

Why do dogs lick you?

A dog licks someone when they deeply like people and being so affectionate. They showered their Greetings by licking general, Dogs do loves the way owners grant them their attention and care. Even though they tend to bond with people’s from the bottom of their hearts. 

Do dogs like hugs?

Absolutely yes, Dogs loves to Like Cuddle And hug their owners. They feel so secured after being so hugged. In general, dogs do enjoy human interaction. Your dog needs to behave with some Privacy. Thus, they love being hugged by their owners. however, it’s a fact that they can’t speak just like human beings but they have some special senses to feel and to care about as well. 

Do stray dogs bite?

As a matter of fact, these stray dogs can bite sometimes. Even though many sweet dogs can also bite in case of being hurt. Even the most gentle dogs also bite, when they are in utter pain. Although we have also witnessed a lot of stray dogs running behind cyclists, motor vehicles or joggers. Anything that moves at a certain pace will excite a dog.

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