The Best Large Dog Breeds For Your Family

The Best Large Dog Breeds For Your Family

Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to the large dog breeds it is always great. More often large dog breeds are the most lovable and endearing pets. These large dog breeds are gentle, known for their sizes, and great jogging partners as well. Even though the bigger dogs come with bigger responsibilities is not at all compulsory. Although According to a report from the University of veterinary medicine in Vienna said 

large dog breeds
large dog breeds

that the large dog breeds are more obedient and less excitable as compare to their miniatures.

 “Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog. It merely expands the heart.”

Famous Dog Breeds

The cutest large dog breeds you would love to cuddle all the time. 

  • Boxer:- 

these large dog breeds were named after athletes as they are undoubtedly strong, graceful, and playful. They have very protective in nature and good with kids. They have a good tendency to play watchdog, the boxer should spend more time with children and other pets while they are young. Weigh around  50- 80 pounds.

  • Basset hound:- 

these large dog breeds have droopy ears and known as couch potatoes. and Ree’s basset hounds, Walter, Henry, Fred, and Rusty, are no exception. Laziness aside, they are the most loving pets. they have a bodyweight of around 45- 60 pounds. 

  • Bernese mountain dog:-

  Bernese mountain dogs are calm and good-natured, known as gentle giants. They were used to work on the farms of Switzerland. So, they thrive in cold weather. Their maximum weight is around 70 – 115 pounds. 

  • Great Dane:-

  Great Danes are sweet and friendly. This ‘’Apollo of dogs’’ is the tallest. They come in lots of colors with the most iconic looks. Their weight comes under 110 – 175 pounds.  Originally they belong from Germany and one of the largest dog breeds in the world. 

  • Giant schnauzer:- 

 giant schnauzer is the best option for large dog breed lovers. They are the most loyal, intelligent, and have the ‘’ pepper and salt’’ coat. Although, most of the people are similar to their standards and their counterpart’s miniature. Mostly, come under the weight category of 55 – 85 pounds.  

  • Great Pyrenees:- 

These strong mountain dogs exude a calmness that belies their power and speed. Their white weatherproof coat can include red, tan, or badger markings. They have the weight category under 85 – 100 pounds.

  •  Leonberger:-

 These german dogs are gentle and intelligent. They need to have daily routine exercise. They come under the weight category of  90 – 170 pounds. 

  • Mastiff:-

  mastiff triples the weight up to 230 pounds. However, they can outweigh many full-grown men. They are best for being family dogs. They need to have daily exercise and routine works as well.  

  • Old English sheepdog:- 

Those cute dogs have furs all over their body and it’s hard to see their eyes. They are known as natural watchdogs. Protective aside, they are making mellow agreeable companions. Therefore, they come under the weight category of 60 – 100 pounds.

  • Collie:- 

 This breed is intelligent and loyal. While long-haired “rough” collies are more well-known, fans of short-haired dogs might choose a “smooth” one. They come under the weight category of 50 – 70 pounds. These dogs are originally originated from northern Scotland and England. 

  • Newfound land:-

Famously they are known as the ‘’nanny dogs’’.Newfound land is the most humble, gentlemen, and humble dog breeds. These kinda dogs require a lot of exercises. They often employed as water rescue dogs in Europe and comes under the weight category of 100 -150 pounds. 

  • Rottweiler:- 

Rottweiler is a domestic dog breed. They come under the weight category of 80- 135 pounds. Moreover, they have an 8-11 years of life expectancy rate, gentle with kids, compatible to be ket in the family. although early training is essential for protective instinct. 

  • Rhodesian ridgeback:-

Meanwhile, dogs are faithful family members but they should start their training in puppyhood. Ridgeback naturally independent, strong-willed, and aesthetic. Their region is in southern Africa. More often they are less recommended for the family dogs.


Conclusively, there’s nothing that feels better than cuddling a giant dog breed. Large dog breeds typically have a shorter life span than small dogs. The first-time pet owners need to keep certain things in mind before buying one giant dog – as they need to have a large space to snuggle around, more food, routine exercises. Most of the giant dogs will not have instant energy and they need to do tons of daily exercises.

Even though people who love large dog breeds cannot imagine keeping a normal-sized dog ever. A large dog is more affectionate, loyal, and humble. besides, many dog breeds have health issues like bloat. Perhaps the most unfortunate thing about a large dog is they have less life expectancy rate. However, those who adore large dog breeds feel that it’s a small price to pay. 



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