Love Birds Price : Everything You Need To Know About

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Love birds are one of the smallest parrots species available as companion pets. They are the small group of parrots in the old world parrot family. These genes of love birds are known as Agapornis. This bird is surprisingly more inquisitive and amazing. Love birds are known for their loving, attentive, and strong bond, which they tend to make with their other mates. 

love birds priceFurthermore, there are nine species of lovebirds. Love birds are so named for their unbreakable pair bond. They range in sizes from  5- 6 inches. They have short, blunt hair feathers. 


Love birds live up to the age of 15 years and more. they are always inquisitive as pets. They need to have at least one hour of human interaction. Hence, they are smart and intelligent enough to learn the commands very quickly.

Love birds are not expensive as other pet birds as compared to bigger parrots. The pet owners can purchase a pair of love birds At $40 – $130 only. It is also possible to find other animal shelters and recuses. 

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Love birds Food 

In the wild places, Love birds live in small flocks and used to eat fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grasses as well.  

The Abyssinian, or black-winged lovebird, has a specialized diet that includes native figs, which is why they are so rare in captivity.

Classic Avi – Cakes for small Birds 

The classic Avi- Cakes For Small Birds are specially made for love birds. The price is $6.79 – $125.99 only. They are made up of Non – GMO Ingredients of great taste altogether. It has solid Tecture and nutrition itself. Moreover, It covers a balanced diet.

Sunny Orchard Nutri – Berries For Cockatiels 

The sunny Orchard Nutri – Berries For Cockatiels can be purchased at the rate of $9.40 only. It combines the fresh indigents with vitamins and minerals etc. They contain 30% palettes in their food products for Love birds. They also include so many different fatty and omega acids. 

Fruit Delight Avi – Cakes For Small Birds 

The Fruit Delight Avi – Cakes For Small Birds can be purchased at $7.20 only. This food product is packed with wholesome fruits and grains. Avi – Cakes carry mango, pineapple, Cranberries, papaya, and pineapple with multiple grains and pallets into them. 

Love Birds Cage 

Everyone needs to have a roof on their top head. Birds need a cage about twice the size of their wings. This implies that love birds need  18 x 18 x 24 inches of the cage for themselves. Even Though you would require a large size of the cage if you are willing to have more than one pair of lovebirds.  

Furthermore, apart from this, the placement of the cage should also be accurate. Love bird’s cage should never be placed near a window or kitchen. Since, birds are too sensitive to strong smells, gases and near smokes, etc. 

The lovebirds’ cage should include at minimum two perches at different heights and of different materials and thicknesses.

In fact, they tend to entertain others from their cage and spouse up with the bath.  Love Birds love to be out of the cage and perch on these homes away from homes. 

Despacito Bird Cage for Love Birds with Handle, Two Feeder Bowls, Wooden Perch Stick, Food and Bird Swing 

The Despacito birdcage is 1,999 Rs. only. This product is made up of plastic with a food bowl and wood perch along with it. Deapacito birdcage will definitely always grant love birds utmost comfort and a safe place to be. This cage carries a flexible design that allows you to love birds and stay happy. 

Jainsons Pet Products Hut Shape Bird Cage Best for Lovebird

Jainsons pet products hut shape birdcage is the best option for the love birds. These cages come in many varieties and colours as well. The Size is 18″ long, 14″ wide, and 27.5″ in Height (INCHES), which is an appropriate space for the love birds. Specifically, These cage uses a non-toxic metallic finish for total eco-friendliness to humans and birds. The price for the same is Rs – 2899/- 

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Designer Bird Cage for Birds 

Designer Birds cage for birds is the highest quality product, which is non-returnable itself. Although they are easy to move the removable tray. Generally, this cage is made up of iron and plastic itself. They can get at the rate of Rs.799 only. 


Love birds are quite different from other Pet birds. Although it’s important to learn about their unique personality. Moreover, Everybirds needs a safe and secure home or place to be in. Indeed love birds eat seed Diet. Love birds love to talk to one another in their own way. Love birds need a have good hours of sleep of around 10-14 hours. Although many people believed that love birds are coming from Paris because they always seem to cuddle their partners. 


Do lovebirds talk?

Usually, lovebirds don’t talk but they may produce some sounds like the doorbell, microwave or whistling, etc. They can also mimic human speech but this is only possible under some special conditions when they are taught from a young age. In such situations also it depends on the bird whether it mimics or not.

Do lovebirds die alone? 

Yes, if a Lovebird has lived in a pair from the start and suddenly it is separated from its partner then it may die of depression. While it is true that they are social birds one should keep a bird that does not have any flock friend. In this way, you can bond well with your pet.

Do you need 2 lovebirds? 

Many people prefer to keep the single bird as if they are kept in pair they start mating and leads to a family of theirs. And they don’t find themselves capable of raising a family. Also, they need a large space for their cage which is mostly not possible for everyone. But this doesn’t mean that people don’t keep a pair of lovebirds.

Do lovebirds bite? 

Love birds bite under Some special conditions. Like if they are closely attached to one member of the family then in such cases, it may take other members of the family as a threat to their relationship and bite them. To make them feel secured we should make it familiar to other members of the family by allowing them to sit and eat from the hands of other members during the family gatherings. 

Sometimes, it becomes dominating for their cage or territory and bite. To prevent them from biting, we should try to change their place by putting toys in it or taking them out from the cage. Apart from this, there are other reasons for their biting like lack of sleep, anger, holding in roughly, or hormonal changes. So, in such cases, we should try to be patient with them and not react to their biting due to which after sometimes they will find it boring and quit it.

Do lovebirds kiss? 

Sometimes we come across pair of lovebirds who kiss each other but in reality, they just groom each other. In this way, they try to keep each other clean and neat. Moreover, We can also say that it is there a way of showing affection towards each other. Further, they belong to each other’s opposite genders, which leads to kissing sometimes.

How much is a pair of lovebirds? 

A lovebird costs $40 to $130 and pricing will vary whether it is hand-raised or parent-fed. Also, there are high prices for the rarely found species. furthermore, they might be charged a bit more of the regular cost. Because they are on their way to becoming extinct and rare. 

How many lovebirds costs in India?

In India, lovebirds cost Rs. 75 to Rs.350 which depends on the variants. Even Though there are various places across the markets of India where love birds are being sold and being purchased. 

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