Best Ways to Make Your Dog Friendly With Other Dogs



We meet people that we hate or who irritate us regularly as humans. Learning to get along with others is a vital part of being able to survive in society, go to work, and be social. When it comes to making your dog friendly with other dogs, the same can be said.  

The degree to which your dog would need to be socialized with other dogs will be determined by their personality and the amount of interaction you anticipate. If you’re adding a new dog to the family, your current dog will need to learn to share space, toys, time, and money with other dogs.

Aggression in dogs can be handled in the following ways


Check that your dog understands the commands heel, sit, and down. You can also teach him to”stay” or “lie down,” as well as how to retain his position for an extended period. Every day you walk the dog, impulse control will come in handy. Rolling would be a lot more fun until the abusive dog reacts to his commands. Some hostile scenarios can be avoided by predicting them before they arise. When another dog comes, lay the dog down and speak to him before the other dog has passed.  Of course, if the dog confronts him and initiates a war, the dog will lose confidence in you and refuse to go into the “down” role. While obedience is necessary, it may not be the answer to your problem.

Use a muzzle and a short leash     

While slip collars (choke chains) have lost favour in many dog training circles, they can still be useful in some situations. The dog’s behaviour normally comes to a halt at this stage, but he does not alter his basic behaviour. When the leash is on, he can stop responding in the same way to a strange dog. The muzzle encourages the dog to open his mouth and pant while walking, and it has a soothing effect in some situations because it pulls down on the dog’s nose.


This will not fix the anger problem, but it will help you with several other issues. When you see another dog on your stroll, just turn your dog around and walk him out of the zone so he doesn’t feel threatened. If walking away isn’t an option, stand in front of the dog and block his view so he doesn’t see the other dog. It’s possible to combine obedience, a slip collar and muzzle, and avoidance. Try these other methods if they don’t allow you to relax while walking your dog.


This is a method of forcing a dog to confront his fears. In this situation, the dog becomes less alert to the presence of other dogs. As he learns to be around them and discovers that nothing bad can happen to him. This approach is stressful for the dog and should not be used if other methods are available. You can only expose your dog-aggressive dog to another dog if the other dog is not going to threaten and compete for supremacy with your dog-aggressive dog. Enable the dogs to meet in a neutral spot, and make sure the violent dog is muzzled in case he escapes.

Conditioning in the conventional sense

When confronted with a situation in which the dog feels aggressive (such as being approached by a dog on a leash), the dog is immediately rewarded with treats. The treats must be exclusive and not offered at other training sessions, and the dog must learn to equate another dog’s approach with something good. The trainers who created this system advise against using a slip collar. It takes longer than flooding because the dog is only exposed to unfamiliar dogs for a short period before becoming accustomed to them, but the effects are typically more long-lasting.

More Strategies for Eliminating Dog-to-Dog Aggression

  • Teach and reinforce simple obedience commands so that you can tell the dog to “down” when he is getting excited and likely to lunge.
  • When the dog is “down” and the other dog walks away without approaching him, he is less likely to be nervous in the future.
  • Walk the dog with a slip collar and a short leash, but try not to be too close with the leash. While some Dunbar supporters may object to the use of this collar, it does work in some circumstances.

how to make your dog happy with other dogs

  • Avoidance is a good thing to do. When a dog approaches you, move him away from the confrontation and stand in front of the hostile dog to prevent him from recognizing you.
  • If obedience and avoidance aren’t working, try “flooding” by introducing several new dogs in a regulated environment.
  • This could work for certain dogs, but if the aggressive dog is protecting his territory or owner, this is unlikely to help.

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You should start teaching your dog to get along with other dogs as soon as possible for the best results. Starting your dog early provides meaningful experiences that your dog can recall when they meet other dogs in the future. You’ll want a variety of treats in varying degrees of attractiveness or importance, as with any preparation. Dog cookies, small bits of cheese, hot dog slices, and grilled steak or beef are all good choices. A durable flat buckle collar and a medium-length leash, ideally with a second loop for shortening the length if necessary, are needed.


Why is my dog so aggressive towards other dogs?

The dogs sometimes can behave aggressively towards the other dogs or in front of strangers. As dogs can’t speak unlike humans thus they tend to communicate or express their desire through the certain use of body language. Although dogs have the specials skills or abilities to communicate with their own member of the species. However, their behaviour can include the consist of growling, snarling, barking, lunging, snapping, and biting etc. furthermore, the owners also play an important role in their pet’s behaviour. 

How do you stop a dog from being aggressive with other dogs?

There are several ways to stop the dog from being aggressive with other dogs are as follows – 

  1. Be Calm and Decisive. Be calm and do not put continuous tension on the leash.
  2. Teach Our Dog Avoidance. Teach our dog avoidance. 
  3. Create Space or Block the Other Dog. 
  4. Create Neutral Experiences. 
  5. Protect our Dog. 
  6. Keep Greetings Short and Sweet. 
  7. Be Aware of Aggressive Triggers. 
  8. Desensitize our Dog to Other Dogs.

What is the law if my dog attacks another dog?

It is very much dangerous if your dog attacks another dog breed. Even though If your dog injures someone, it may be seized by the police and you could face fines, compensation costs and even be sentenced to prison or banned from having dogs in the future. Unless you can persuade the court that your dog is not a danger to the public, the dog may be put down. 

Furthermore, in the book of the constitution, there is a Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (section 3). Which prevents the animal’s livelihood and species as well

How do you get two dogs to be friends?

The most effective way to get two dogs to be friends with others. As they should let them sniff with other dogs and Greet each other Community. Give them positive reinforcement Through Calm Verbal Affirmation. You shall take them on walks Together. 

How long does it take for dogs to become friends?

Dogs are the most popular Domesticated Dog breeds in the World. They are regarded differently in different parts of the world. In general, it is not a new thing for dogs that they’d become friends with some instinctively. It usually takes several months to become friends with others or with human beings. However, your dog needs to be with friends and keep themselves comfortable. Particularly most of the police dogs and Guard Dogs shall become friends with others that’d become easier to be happy. 

How do you discipline a dog that snaps at you?

If a dog snaps at you then you must be done such following things that are as follows-

  • When you touch his pawn then you must try to touch their legs as well. 
  • The owners shall try to offer them some pieces of chicken or meat as well. 
  • Try to lower your hand toward his paw while continuing to give the chicken treat after touching him.

Thus, these are such ways that can help the owners to discipline their pets while they snap at you. 

Do dogs like hugs?

Absolutely yes, Dogs loves to Like Cuddle And hug their owners. They feel so secured after being so hugged. In general, dogs do enjoy human interaction. Your dog needs to behave with some Privacy. Thus, they love being hugged by their owners. however, it’s a fact that they can’t speak just like human beings but they have some special senses to feel and to care about as well. 

What dog breed kills most humans?

Pitbulls are the dog breeds that are the most responsible for killing most human beings worldwide. Although pit bull is also responsible for the highest number of human attacks in the US. they have killed 248 people in the last 13 years. Therefore, rottweilers some s in the second position in the further list and then german shepherd. Hence, these dog breeds come under the category of large dog breeds with immense aggression itself. 

Do dogs know when they hurt you?

They probably know about the incident that happened between the owner and your pup. As dogs are the most commonly used domesticated house thus, they have some sense if they hurt you for any purpose or by accident. 

Although if a dog truly loves its owners then, they never want to hurt and give any harm to its owners. They might get crucial or aggressive when someone accidentally steps on their tails or their hips. Hence, a dog never hurts a person, unless they are strangers or Criminals. 

Do dogs have a favourite person?

Yes. It’s a fact that the dogs do have their favourite persons. as humans also have their favourite persons, with them they could always feel safe, secure, and finds their comfort as we.. similarly, animals also tend to bond with the single perusal bonds with human beings. More often, dogs do make a strong connection with humans. 

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