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The Maltese dog is a breed of dog in a toy group. They are said to have originated from central-southern Europe. Maltese are so adorable, charming and adaptable dog breeds. They are seen as companion dogs. They have a natural pure white silky coat all over their body. However, they are small, redefined, joyful dog breeds. They are especially known for their little compact intelligence and grace. The Maltese dog breed is known for living in households and apartments. They are a great family dog and have a very good term for strangers and the little kids as well. 

History of Maltese Dog

The Maltese dog breed is an ancient dog breed, which can be traced back to 28 centuries. This Breed is known to have originated from the island of Malta in the Mediterranean.  However. This breed can also be found in the many greek writing and scholarly works of many philosophers like Aristotle. Thus, this breed has been known as the prize companion of royalty over the years. Moreover, Maltese wee never falls under the category of large dog breeds, they always come under the category of small dog breeds. 

Furthermore, Maltese has remained the distinct dog breed of all. They are highly esteemed and quite sought of remaining hereafter. Even back then they have gained their popularity and recognising among the upper-class ladies of England in the year do of1300’s. Even though in the 17th and the 18th centuries, they were seen as tiny in size as a result of the squirrel. eventually, they wiped out from there as well.

Further, in the year of 1800s, the United States of America has welcomed this dog into their nation. Thus, in the year 1888, they were Being recognised by the American kennel club. Hence, the breed has remained popular from that day till now onwards. 

Personality Traits of Maltese Dog breed

A Maltese dog breed has a very distinct, exotic and very significant personality of its own. They have good friendly skills, they are so much affectionate, they are so kid-friendly., they are so much pet and stranger friendly, they are playful etc. have a quiet tendency to bark. The higher skills in being trainable and the amount of energy as well.  Although they don’t even require much of the exercise and physical strength itself. They also have a low tendency to bark and they also even have a low shedding amount as well. In fact, It is ranked 59th of 79 breeds assessed for intelligence by Stanley Coren.

Size of Maltese Dog Breed 

Moving towards their weight and some, they can be wight around 54 to 5 pounds with the maximum height of  8 to 01 inches. Although they nearly have a life expectancy rate of 10 – 12 years. They also fall under the category of the toy group. Although moving further to their, skin colour and coat, they normally have very long hair on their bodies. Usually, it is a white coloured coat with a long silky Layed without an undercoat as well. Eventually, their coat grows eventually. 

Health Care of Maltese Dog Breed 

Health care for a  puppy is a very significant and crucial world to do. It can be very rigorous sometimes for first-time pet owners. Many owners keep their hair short to rid of the fluffiness and long coat. While other owners keep them long and flowing as always. However, after having the long furs, the routine daily grooming is an absolute necessity for them. They shall also be brushed up to 2 – 3 times a week and it’s obvious requirements for them. Although haircuts may also become necessary in several weeks for them. In fact, the Maltese gets suntanned in summer to black and fades when they don’t get sun exposure, which is known as winter nose.

This breed also needs good attention to their dental hygiene, teeth and gum problems as well. the owners shall brush their pet’s teeth on a daily basis or on weekly basis. As it is very much important for them. Moreover, they also have certain allergies on their own from a particular thing. even though, Maltese needs the proper socialisation and outings with their owners to keep themselves happy and well-adjusted in the family as well. Maltese are small pets and this doesn’t make this a leverage for the owners. Therefore, they are very quick learners with a lot of smartness as well. Although some people also believe that Maltese have a very vocal side and they can be a little stubborn streak sometimes. 

Grooming And Coat Color of Maltese

MalteseMaltese Dog Breeds needs an immense amount of Grooming and care etc. They have a moderate amount of energy and strength. Although daily walks, fun activities and moderate physical activities help them to stay mentally and physically stimulated. This breed is also not able to tolerate extreme heat and cold for a very long per se. Even in the cold weather, if your Maltese is out of their coat, then the owners shall provide them sometimes warm to wear or a sweater at least. 


This breed also needs a proper amount of human attention. Therefore, they can’t be left alone for a very long period or else they can have some anxiety attacks or depression as well. They are more suitable for the families and with the well-behaved older Childers as well.  

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The Behaviour of Maltese with strangers and Childers 

The Maltese behaviour towards the strangers and the children are said to be good. Sometimes they become overprotective towards their owners and towards their favourite people they love. Eventually, this leads to the situations like biting someone and aggressively barking at someone. They also may bark continuously and become destructive as well. Simultaneously they are best for the household, they like spending the whole day with their owners and loves to go on walks with their owners themselves.

“Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the centre of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.” 

– Roger A. Caras

Furthermore, as delicate little furry pets, they are highly recommended for living a household life with the families and with the little children. 

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Conclusively, they are extremely lovable, adorable and perfect pets to adopt by Individuals. However, it’s their responsibility to keep them properly taken care of them as a part of the family. Similarly, it’s our collective responsibility to do the best for the pets, as it’s our collective responsibility to make this world a better place for every living creature on this planet. They are suitable pets for families. They don’t have temper issues per se. However,m if you ever wondered to welcome a furry friend to your home, then Maltese puppies or dogs are the best options for the owners. They like being cuddled by their owners. They typically don’t shed much and don’t even bother their pet parents. They also have a very original and distinct origin story. Although more often, they are so fearless. They are powerful jumpers.


How much would a Maltese puppy cost?

On an average basis, A Maltese Puppy Can Cost up to $ 4000 – USD 6000. although the price for the same can go max till the USD 10,000. Moreover, it’s a worthy purchase for every buyer or owner. Maltese have been in so much high demand and popularity as well. 

Do Maltese dogs bark a lot?

Yes. Maltese dogs are often barking a lot. They have the appearance of a toy-sized breed but in general, they tend to bark if they suspect anything unusual, dangerous and strange as well. They also have some sensitive temperament sensations that make them bark uncontrollably and several reasons can trigger this Behaviour. 

Is a Maltese a good family dog?

Absolutely Yes. Maltese is a good family dog. They are so affectionate, Intelligent, Responsive and trusting as well. They have very gentle behaviour. They generally enjoy learning new tricks. They love playing with the children, they like spending time with them, they always enjoy outings with their owners or with their favourite persons. 

What problems do Maltese dogs have?

Maltese dogs are prone to have some bacterial and viral infections etc. Some dog breeds also have some hereditary problems or diseases from their ancestors. They might have some diseases such as distemper and rabies. however, there are several ways to cure such things. In meanwhile, they should be get done with the complete health insurance of their furry friend. 

Do Maltese dogs like to cuddle?

They do like being cuddled by their owners or their favourite persons. They are so gentle, smart, affectionate, trustworthy, loving and obedient dog breeds. Maltese generally adore humans, they love human interaction and also love being in the cosy arms of their owners. Hence, they are very close to human beings. 

Can a Maltese be left alone?

A Maltese dog can b left alone to at home until they are six months old. although an adult Maltese dog breed can be left alone at home for more than 8 hours. The owner’s hall provides them with the appropriate food and water while leaving them alone at home. However, leaving your pet alone at home can be very much dangerous at a times. 

Are Maltese easy to train?

The Maltese are one of the easiest dog breeds to train. They eventually fall ls under the category of small dog breeds and the group as toy dogs. These dogs are good at picking the demands of the owners quickly. The owner’s hall praises them or gives them some sufficient treats that they’ll behave subsequently and fulfil their owner’s command accordingly.

Does a Maltese shed?

Apparently Yes. Maltese dog breed shed a little because of their long while hair coat on all over their bodies. These breeds don’t have an undercoat on their own. Even though most people consider this breed to be hypoallergenic. But these people are more than just a heavily coated breed. 

How smart is a Maltese?

Maltese are very much smart and intelligent dog breeds. They have been for several years just for their intelligence. They have got a lot of prosperity and recognition at the international level as well. They are so said to be the most perfect pair of dogs to welcome at households or to live an apartment life. In fact, they have ranked 59th out of the 79 other dog breeders on the scale of obedience and working breed. 

Why do Maltese cry so much?

Maltese puppies are often crying in several situations such as when they feel threatened and frightened etc. they perhaps also cry in the situation where they were being parted from their birth family or someone other etc. they may also cry in any anxious situations. They can also be quite sad in front of strangers, which can simultaneously make them cry. Even though there could also be some hereditary diseases may also be the reason for the same.

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