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The Pharaoh hound breed is said to be the most ancient dog breed of all. They have changed their developments and appearances since the last 5000 years ago. These dogs were recognised as the King’s Dog. They were also being used for the purpose of royal hunting. Later on, they make their way to Malta, where they are national dogs now.

Although it’s totally up to the owners whether they would like to buy this breed or may not. These dogs made a great family environment, they are affectionate, they are friendly, they also make their owners laugh and keep them happy as well. Though they have also got a sensitive slide of their own. pharaoh hound have also higher trainability skills. pharaoh hound has a remarkable personality, which is characterised by immense joy, affection and Intelligence as well. 

History of Pharaoh Hound Breed 

The pharaoh hound is a Maltese breed of hunting dog. In Maltese it is called Kelb Tal-Fenek, which means “rabbit dog”; it is traditionally used for hunting rabbits in the rocky terrain of the Maltese Islands. They are the only Maltese dog breed with international recognition. Parahaon hound has also being descended from the dog shown in the tomb paintings of ancient Egypt itself.  Although other studies have shown that these breeds haven’t had any relation regarding the ancient origin, they just recently originated from the modern breeders only. 

Furthermore, the breed was accepted in the year 1974 by the British Kennel Club Itself. 

Health Care of the Pharaoh Hound breed 

Although moving further to the health care of pharaoh hound breed includes the following things. As it is obvious that they have generally good health of their own. Although they are also prone to have some ceratin health precaution just like the other dog breeders do have. 


Allergies are the most common element in dog breeders. Every dog is prone to have some specific allergies from particular things. These allergies include food allergies, skin allergies, and contact allergies per se. These allergies can be the reason for using some particular skin products that don’t suit the dog well. However, there are some particular medications available to cure this kinda off of the problem. Sometimes, they include other problems such as eye or ear infection etc. 

Anaesthesia Sensitivity 

Pharaoh hound has a high sensitivity level of its own. The owners should be aware of the potential risk of these problems to their pets. However, the most important rule is to administer the quality, not the weight. Hence, these breeds are sensitive than other breeds. 

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Pharaoh Hound Breed Personality 

Pharaon hound breed is so graceful and slender as well. Even though they are also very much adorable for living an apartment lives or in any household per se. They are also said to be good pets for noble owners. They have the ability to tolerate being alone, they can survive in very harsh weather as well. Pharaoh Hound needs to have a maximum of 30 minutes of exercise or rides per day. Pharaoh hounds can get cold very at a times, they can live in chilly weather. Pharaoh hounds are often acquired without any clear understanding of what goes into owning one. The owners are advised to make their furry friend covered with a warm cloth during the wintery season. In fact, pharaoh is quite aggressive towards the same dog gender and eventually, small dog breeders can also trigger their temper and perhaps drives them crazy. These small creatures can be rabbits, cats and other small dogs per se. They also bark a bit low. They tend to bark in situations where they get bored or hear some unusual noises per se. 

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Colour Coat And grooming Needs Of Pharaoh  Hound 

Every dog breed needs proper care for their coat and grooming needs as well. However, they shall take care of their grooming requirements per se. In fact, Pharaoh does not require any special deal with the grooming sessions. Actually, they have the ability to groom their bodies and keep themselves neat and clean as well. Although the daily brushing will be sufficient. Moreover, their ears should be clean. They shall also keep their nails trimmed short so, that they could not make a tapping sound when the dog walks around the floor. The pet parents shall also take care of their teeth brushing routine and shall definitely check them up at least yearly. 

Moreover, Pharaoh has a short coat with a harsh texture along with. Their colour varieties change from a rich tan to a chest tan colour. These dogs shed just like the other dog breeders only. 

Pharaoh Hound Size pharoah hound

Pharaoh should be quite longer than being tall. The Male Pharaoh hound has 23 – 25 inches of shoulder. While the female breeders have 21 – 25 inches of shoulder. Although the general weight of Pharaon hound is around 45 – 55 pounds per se. This breed is also being accepted by national and international bodies. This breed is also being recognised by the American kennel club in the year of 1983. In fact, a fun fact about these breeds is they have a very bright smile & they have a very unique way of a smile when they are very happy and excited. These breeds are expected to live their lives for 11 to 14 years. 


Conclusively, having a Pharaoh Hound dog breed is a privilege and the biggest responsibility itself. Even though ist pour collective responsibility to make this world a better place for every living creature in the world. These breeds have their own distinct features on their own. They are highly exotic and significant at the same time for the national and at the international territories as well. However, A number of studies have shown that Pharaoh hound Prone to have such problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia, they could be some serious issues such as mammary cancer, eye disorder etc.


What are Pharaoh Hounds known for?

The Pharaoh Hound is the Maltese breed. He is being known as the hunting post. This dog breed is being known as  Kelb tal-Fenek. They have been used on Maltese island for the main purpose of hunting. As they are the most powerful and energetic dogs, who come under the category of large dog breeds. 

What colour eyes do Pharaoh Hounds have?

The eyes colour of these breeds is amber. They also have very distinct and exotic features as well. This breed is also the national dog of malta. 

Where do Pharaoh dogs come from?

The pharaoh dog breeds have Came from Malta. Even though they are the national dog breed of malta itself. They especially come under the category of large dog breeds. They are so powerful, strong and energetic as well. 

Are pharaoh hounds rare?

The pharaoh hound is one of the oldest dog breeds of Egyptians. They are also one of the oldest breeds of all. Although these days they can only be Found in malta, which makes them the extremely rare dog breeds.  In fact, an Egyptian puppy nowadays is cost up to the $5000

Are Pharaoh Hounds good with children?

The pharaoh hound is very much affectionate with the children’s. They love being around with them. These breeders also like to do social activities. they love the walks with their owners. A meanwhile they don’t suit to share any connection with the small dog breeds. 

What do pharaohs do all day?

The daily life of pharaohs hound involves a lot of heavy responsibilities at a time. As they tend to protect the family they are living with. Although many varieties of these dog breeds had to do the service works as well. They also have work to do at many courts, state and office officials etc. they also have to locate their time to their families as well. 

Do pharaoh hounds smile?

The pharaohs hounds dog breeds can be trained to smile by their owners. They also enjoy fun activities with their owners. however, they can also be given the training skills to smile out loud. They can also be treated with the trick to smile. Although even when they bark at times, which is to signify that they have suspected something which can be unusual, weird and dangerous too. 

Can Pharaoh hounds be left alone?

The pharaoh hound dog breeds are still being kept as the hunting dogs. However, adult dog breeds can be left alone for 3 to 5 hours. But the owners should be left their pets alone at home for a very long time. As it could be very much dangerous sometimes to leave them at home. They could lick poisons or unhealthy food by mistake as well. 

Which dog can kill a lion?

There are several dog breeds, who comes under the category of large dog breeds. They have strong muscular skills and powerful personalities of their own. Although some of them also have the ability to kill a lion. These breeds are as follows – 

  • Rottweiler
  • Wolf dogs
  • Neopolitan
  • Tibetan mastiff
  • Boerboel dogs
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Bloodhounds
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Kangals.

What are the 7 types of dogs?

There are the seven major dog groups are as follows 

The Working dogs, Herding dogs, Toy dogs, Hound dogs, Sporting dogs, Non-Sporting dogs, and Terrier dogs etc.  


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