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Rabbits are small and adorable furry pets. They are the most energetic and adorable furry pets to adopt. Rabbits have a unique and physical structure. As they are furry mammals with long ears, soft fluffy tails with large hind legs themselves. 

Rabbits can be available in many colours, sizes, and weights from 4-16 pounds. Furthermore, Rabbits are social and playful pets. They need to stay entertained and get attention from their owners. 

In addition to this, A female rabbit is called a doe. A male rabbit is called a buck and a baby is called a kit. Hence, here is 

Alaska Rabbit

The Alaska Rabbit is a German breed of rabbit. It has short black fur and weighs up to 9 pounds. It was originally bred to resemble another breed known as the Alaska Fox.

Hence, They are expected to get at the rate of $20 – $50.

American Fuzzy Lop 

Conejillo_de_indias-The American Fuzzy Lop has wool fur similar to that of an Angora rabbit. It has long fur, lop ears, and weighs up to 4 pounds. They enjoy playing with people and other bunnies.


Hence, The Average price of American Fuzzy Lop is around $50.

Blanc de Hotot Rabbit  

Blanc_De_HototThe Blanc de Hotot Rabbit is known for its distinct markings around its eyes. They can grow quite large, weighing up to 11 pounds, and have short fur. Blanc De Hotot Rabbit is known for its black dark eyes. 


Although, the Blanc De Hotot Rabbit starts with $20 to 90 dollars. 

English Spot Rabbit 

EnglishSpotRabbitChocolate1The English Spot Rabbit has short fur, erect ears, and can grow up to 8 pounds. They are very energetic rabbits that need a bit more space to play.


In addition to this, The English spot Rabbit can be purchased at the rate of $5 to 50 dollars. 

Flemish Giant 

rabbit Price Flemish giant is the large rabbit dog breed. The price of Flemish Giant is between 1500 – 200 rupees in India. They need to have a portion of good food and a proper diet daily.  This rabbit breed is well known and easily recognized pet. 


Rabbit As Your Furry Pet 

cute-rabbit-Rabbits are the cutest domestic pet animals. Most people want to have a pet in their home at least once in their lives. Although three are some guidelines to keep in mind before keeping a furry pet at your home. As the bones of the rabbit are so delicate that the muscle in power can hind the legs easily and will overcome the strength of their skeleton. 


You should never pick their body hang free. And should never pick them up by their ears. Apart from these, a rabbit should always have a warm dry place to comfort themselves. A wet place will lead them to illness or unwanted diseases. 

Even though Rabbits can eat hay, cereals, vegetables (carrot, beetroot, cauliflower, green beans, fresh maize, tomatoes, cucumber slices), groundnuts, dry bread, and must drink fresh water. Never feed them lettuce or cabbage – they can lead to diarrhoea and death.

Therefore, Rabbits can live for 10 – 12 years. Although they are less considered for kids. Rabbits enjoy playing with other rabbits. Although they have required unique medical care. 

Healthcare Cost of a Rabbit 

The healthcare and medical care of a rabbit are considered to be expensive. The initial $125-$250 worth of veterinary care is an estimated expected spend for the rabbit. The Regular check-up usually costs between $35-$65 depending on the vet. 

Furthermore, pet insurance is available for pet owners especially for their older rabbits, and the young rabbits themselves. Even though the cost of caring for a sick rabbit is generally expensive. 

In addition to this, there are some other expenses also includes such as grooming costs, nail trims, tooth trims, fur care, and all. There can also be some unexpected health conditions that occur to your furry pet. 

Overall, An amount of $40 is enough for a month. 


Conclusively, Rabbits are cute, fuzzy, and fluffy friends for a pet owner. They live in warrens — a series of tunnels and rooms that they dig underground. 

Furthermore, A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing! Instead, They’re gradually worn down as the rabbit chews on grasses, wildflowers, and vegetables. 

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In fact, Rabbits perform an athletic leap, known as a ‘binky‘, when they’re happy — performing twists and kicks in mid-air. Although, unlike cats, they purr when they feel content and relaxed. A female rabbit can give birth to many baby rabbits at one time only. According to statistics, There are 45 million rabbits in the just UK.


How much does a rabbit cost?

Rabbits are so adorable pets as to keep in homes. However, if you ever wondered to buy a rabbit so, they can get at the starting rate of $40 on an average rabbit. Although there are some rabbits, which are rare and precious to find can get at $100. Even though they are easily available in many pet stores. Thus, rabbits have always been the centre of attraction and owners love to welcome this lovely bunny at their homes. 

What is the cost of a rabbit in India?

In India, Rabbits are highly demanded pets after dog and cat breeds. In addition to this, a baby rabbit can cost up to 500 rupees in the Indian markets. Although rabbits also need stable health conditions and insurances, which will ultimately cost around 1000 rupees monthly. However, Rabbits are social pets they love to meet people & make a strong bond with one and another. 

Can I buy a single rabbit?

It is advised that rabbits shall keep in pairs always, as rabbits are social animals. The owners can buy a single rabbit and welcome them to their respective homes but a single rabbit will feel lonely and depressed. As if a rabbit stays with another rabbit, then they definitely enjoy each other’s company. Thus, a pair of the rabbit shouldn’t be separated because that can lead adversely lead the bad repercussions at their life. As one of them might die. 

What is the price of a rabbit in Delhi?

In Delhi, there are multiple prices and sales options are available in the markets around Delhi. However, In Delhi, the Rabbits are For Sale at Rs 1700/pair | Gurgaon | ID: 21999759730. Although these rabbits are easily available in pet stores and online stores as well. Rabbits are so loving pets, they love to roam around and do outdoor activities. 

Do rabbits bite?

No. rabbits do not bite. But eventually, if they bit you it doesn’t mean that they hate you. Usually, a well and healthy rabbit don’t bite you, even if rabbits do, that means they might be in a bad health or condition. Even though there can be other reasons to be bitten by them. Furthermore, rabbits are extremely wise, cute, and gentle pets. They hardly get involves in hardship and other violent activities as well.

Why do bunnies lick you?

Most of the bunnies lick their owners to show their affection and love towards them. They also lick themselves for grooming. Although licking is a sign of affection, care, and bond which these animals try to show us by this kind of activity. In fact, they also used to cuddle and lick their other paired companion itself. These bunnies are full of personality. As rabbits have a unique way of their affection towards humans. Sometimes, they also dig themselves into owners or their favourite person’s feet. 

Is keeping a rabbit unlucky?

Keeping a furry pet at your home totally depends upon the person to person and by different cultures.in some cultures and for some people, keeping a rabbit at the home is a symbol of good luck, well- being and great karma itself. Similar to their era some other people as well believe that welcoming a rabbit at the homes leads to bad luck, bad destinies, and health as well. Thus, in that case, it totally becomes a matter of fact for everyone out there. Although there are some people out there who do not buy a rabbit just because of this belief. 

What can Indian rabbits eat?

There are several things that Indian rabbits eat: hay, cereals, vegetables (carrot, beetroot, cauliflower, green beans, fresh maize, tomatoes, cucumber slices), groundnuts, dry bread and must drink fresh water. although apart from these, the owners Shall Never feed them lettuce or cabbage. Which can lead to diarrhoea and death.

How long does a rabbit live?

The lifespan of a European rabbit is said to be 9 years. Although the lifespan of pets somehow depends upon taking care of them.Getting done their medical aids and health insurance as well. Apart from these, normal rabbit bunnies are maximum live their lives up to 5 to 8 years. Furthermore, the longest life age of a rabbit is maxed at 12 years. 

Should I bathe my rabbit?

Rabbits are almost clean and rarely need regular baths daily. Even Though an act of bathing can lead to some kind of harmfulness. Although rabbits also get panicked in the water. Thus, it’s usually not safe and not so beneficial for the whole bodies of these buddies. Rabbits have the ability to groom themselves all across their bodies. In fact, they often enjoy relaxing and munching on timothy hay while using the litter box.


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