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Rottweiler Pros And cons – Rottweilers are amazing dogs, full of love and energy, and a strong urge to protect others.  Rottweiler is highly recommended as a domestic dog breed. Now, they are also used as search dogs, police dogs, and guard dogs. They come under medium to large categories as well. 

Although as according to the FCI standards, Rottweiler is considered to be the oldest dog breed. The origins of these dogs can be traced from Roman times, they used to keep as the driving dogs. 

“When you walk through a bad neighbourhood, you don’t want a poodle by your side. You want a Rottweiler.

  • Gene Simmons

So, let’s discuss some pros and cons of Rottweiler here – 



  • Rottweiler is a Perfect Guard Dog 

As they are strong, muscular, agile, powerful, and courageous, etc. They will be excellent guard dogs as they have a great sense of recognizing strangers and any uncertain activities. Even though rottweilers were the early police dogs and in military honours themselves. Rottweiler has been proving itself for centuries. In other words, they are the best option for rescue dogs, tracking dogs, therapy dogs, and hunting dogs. 

  • They have a long Life  Expectancy Rate 

The lifespan of dog breeds is different and it depends upon the health and caring of the dog. Even though the lifetime of rottweiler is 10- 15 years. According to the research in 2017 only 40% of Rottweilers dead from cancer. If you want to increase the life of your dog breed, then you have to be consistent about the vaccine schedule. They need to get a balanced and healthy diet as well. 

  • They are excellent Family Dogs 

if you’re looking for a family dog then Rottweiler is the great option. Who will never disappoint you? Rottweiler is too gentle and an excellent family dog. They are good with children. They are loyal, loving, protective towards their owners. But sometimes, they can be dangerous too. 

  • Rottweiler Love Exercising 

Rottweiler comes under the large dog breeds category and they need to do a lot of exercise for their fitness. More often, they love to exercise. besides this, doing a routine exercise with your pet will boost the relationship between the two. Some more activities such as hiking, running, and tracking, etc. 



  • They are incredibly expensive 

Rottweiler is one of the most expensive large dog breeds. They often come under the category of $2000-$8000. As it’s just the initial cost of them. Apart from this, you’ll need to have account insurance, vaccinations, toy & other pieces of stuff, etc. Hence, Rottweiler is an expensive dog breed for the long term.

  • Rottweiler Required a lot of Space  

Rottweiler is definitely coming under the category of large dog breed. Thus, they need to have a lot of space to comfort themselves. Room space is considered for them to live for a long period. Even though if sometimes they become destructive, you should take your dog to the playground. 

  • They can be destructive 

Rottweiler is a gentle and humble dog breed, but sometimes they can be destructive and rebellious. The reason behind being aggressive can be stress, anxiety, lack of exercise and illness, etc. when Rottweiler feels low or destructive, they’ll snatch the sofa, cushions, and table, etc. 

  • Rottweiler is Not the Easiest Dog to Train 

Rottweiler dog breeds are can be difficult to train. As they lose their interest in absence of daily exercise and meals. Thus, they must have trained to be loyal, fierce, and come up as strong leaders. Even if they are sad, it becomes very much difficult for trainers to train them. 

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Overall, Rottweiler is an active and muscular dog. Despite their size and fearsome reputation, the Rottweiler has an affectionate, obedient and docile temperament. They are specifically originated from Germany,  As According to the sources. Nowadays, They have become the most popular fighting and defence dogs in the world. Furthermore, they need to have an owner in charge of them, they need to have outdoor spacing, and proper training itself. 

Hence, Rottweiler is well -recognized large dog breed. 


Is a Rottweiler a good family dog?

Rottweiler’s are the best family dogs and they have proved to be excellent family dogs as well. They have the paramount skills on their own. Rottweiler is a very intelligent, smart, and fast learner. they are so adaptive.  Although they are well-mannered with other animals and strangers as well. In addition, they are more recommended to stay with the families and protect them. Thus, they are great guard dogs as well. 

What problems do Rottweilers have?

Rottweiler is prone to have certain health problems such as von Willebrand’s disease (an inherited disease that affects blood clotting ability), hypothyroidism, Addison’s disease (a disease of the adrenal gland), gastroenteritis, folliculitis, and a fairly high rate of cancer. Although rottweilers need to have their routine of grooming and trimming themselves. In addition to this, they should have the proper health insurance and weekly health check-up with a conserved pet doctor. 

Are Rottweilers high maintenance?

Rottweilers are powerful dogs, who come under the category of large dog breeds. as they have the long-haired all around their body. Hence, rottweilers are high maintenance dogs. the pet-parents need to spend a big amount of money on their dogs. They require a large space to comfort themselves and lay down as well. The daily routine exercise and physical activities are must them. Their thick, long-haired coat required 

Are Rottweilers destructive?

Rottweiler can be destructive when they become bored and being left alone at home. They have strong temper and anger issues as well. Even though they are the best versatile working dog. They are capable of learning great deals and trainable train selves. They are capable of working a lot. But even when they got angry they can destroy the whole house. But they are not the According rain and train. overall, rottweiler can be destructive at a time.

Which dog can kill a lion?

According to the sources, there are noted 10 dog breeds, who are cable of fighting and somehow can kill a lion. These breeds are  Rottweiler, Wolf dogs, Neopolitan and Tibetan mastiff, Boerboel dogs, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Bloodhounds, Fila Brasileiro, Dogo Argentino, and Kangals, etc. these dogs are usually developed to hunt and protect against the wild animals that can fight lions. These breeds are natural guard dogs. Although they also hate the strangers. They seem to be very alert and highly intelligent. They also display a fearless expression. 

What does owning a Rottweiler say about you?

Rottweiler is Determined and often described as intense. This breed demands a certain amount of respect and consideration to be a very courageous breed. Eventually, people who adopt or keep the rottweiler, which conveys that this person is very much loyal, devoted to loving their friends and pets a lot. Having trained servers at home means that they require a great caretaker and a perfect diet & Nutrition. It simply implies that owners are highly responsible people. 

How do you discipline a Rottweiler?

There are certain rules to discipline a rottweiler Dog Breed. The pet-parents should use positive reinforcement and avoid physical discipline and yelling.

  1. Reward your dog with a positive attitude and treats. 
  2. Be careful with food and diet that they shall not become too fat and  Unhealthy. 
  3. They shall be given physical exercises and mental stimulations as well. 
  4. The pet parents should let them meet with other dogs to keep them happy.

Are Rottweilers smart?

Absolutely Yes. Rottweiler is an extremely smart dog breed. They come under the category of the smartest dog breeds in the world. They have a unique fearless personality and tend to behave smart in front of anyone. Even though they can sense any danger, unusual circumstances, and natural disasters as well. Conclusively, rottweilers are so smart Dog breeds. 

What are the disadvantages of Rottweiler?

There are some Disadvantages after owning a Rottweiler dog breed. As they come under the category of large dog breeds. The pet parents face the problem of handling a large and a will dog breed. Rottweiler dog breeds often have anger issues that can be difficult sometimes to manage. Apart from these, rottweiler is the most active, energetic, and intelligent Dog breed, who need a lot of exercises. Even though these things can be sometimes been an advantage and would be a disadvantage for the owners. 

Is a Rottweiler a good family dog?

Rottweiler is good, affectionate and loyal towards the families and human friends. they are great family dogs and excellent Guard dogs. Rottweiler is so  Naturally protective towards the family members and Children.  Apart from these, they are so high maintenance breeds. Although it is essential to thoroughly Socialize them and train them with obedience. In fact, in many parts of the world. 

Do Rottweilers sleep a lot?

An Adult Rottweiler will naturally sleep for 12 hours per day. Most of the puppies and older Rottweiler tend to sleep a lot, even sleeping is the utmost source of their energy and fitness. Eventually, large dog breeds do healthy workouts and activities which is why they also eat more than a small dog breed and in case of sleep as well.


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