The Toyger Cat – Features, Characteristics And History

Toyger Cats


Toyger is a medium-sized domestic cat breed. It is known to be originated from Bengal. It has short hair all across its body. This cat breed has no wild blood at fact, they are also recognized for their colourful textures, the coats of their bodies. cats have tiny muscles in their body.  In fact, the Toyger is one of the newest breeds of cats. although they hold a perfect tiger-like look after being a completely domesticated cat. Even though, they are officially called “California Toyger”.The term Toyger is made with two words – “Toy” and “Tiger”. Particularly the comparison of cats with the tiger is not a new concept itself.

Characteristics of the Toyger

Toygers have an average weight of 7 – 15 pounds. These cats have a length of about 18 inches. Eventually, their skin coat is short, plush, and soft as well. They usually have a life – expectancy rate of 10 -15 years. Toyger’s eye colour is usually dark brown to hazel. 

“I have felt cats rubbing their faces against mine and touching my cheek with claws carefully sheathed. These things, to me, are expressions of love.”

James Herriot

Affection Level              –  High
Friendliness                 – High
Kid-Friendly                 – Medium
Pet-Friendly                 –  High
Exercise Needs           – High
Playfulness                 – High
Energy Level               – High
Intelligence                  – High
Tendency to Vocalize    – High
Amount of Shedding      –  High

Thus, Toyger cat breeds have a variety of features and many Characteristics.

 Health Care Of Toyger Cat

Toyger Cats


 Taking care of your kitten’s health and hygiene is an important task. Toyger Cats should be brushed daily and their nails shall be trimmed regularly as well. Although the pet owners should clean their ears and mouth to prevent them from any unwanted dental problems. 

Therefore, Most of the big cats are pregnant for about 100 days. A domestic cat is pregnant for about 63 to 65 days.

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” 

Ernest Hemingway

Apart from these, Toyger cats love the affection and love gives by the pet parents. Apparently, it is also wise to keep your Toyger cat indoor-only to prevent them from infections, various diseases, etc. Toyger cats are known as the most appropriate and loving domesticated cat breed for families as well as children. They are trainable and love the regular walks. 

Diet & Nutrition 

Toyger Cats doesn’t require a proper or unique dietary plan or some special nutrition. They just need diet & nutrition as just like a normal domesticated cat breed. Hence, pet owners should provide their pets with high-quality wet and dry food. They should be given access to freshwater, clean air, and Consistency in food. 

In fact, it’s the choice of pet parents if they want to feed their pets with vegetarian or Non – vegetarian food. As a portion of good food is everybody’s requirement and need as well. Even though human beings also have the right to food and life. Thus, we should make this world beautiful and accomplished for every living creature in the world. 

Toyger Cat Price 

Toyger is an extremely rare and expensive cat breed as well. They often charge $1500 to $5000 per kitten. Eventually, they are known to be originated from the United States. As there are 20 Breeders in the US and Another 15 breeders category in the world. In fact, after having a beautiful body stripe and powerful body, they look alike a jungle tiger. 

Toyger is super friendly with others and even with strangers as well. Particularly they are a little expensive to buy in the markets. In addition to this, it is further estimated that 75 – 90 million cats are domesticated in the markets of the united states of America.   In fact, the scientific name of domestic cats is  Felis catus.

Pros and Cons of Toyger Cat breed 

The tiger is well suited to any home with anybody, who loves them and cares for them. They shall be stayed indoors to protect them the natural calamities, outdoor hazards, and stray cars, diseases spread by the other animals as well. Thus, here are some pros and Cons of Toyger cat breeds as follows – 


  • They don’t have any specific cat breed disease, as a relatively new breed. 
  • They are good with other animals, children, and families as well. Thus, they shall get sling with the other cats, families, and kids as well. 
  • They are the most active, energetic, and trainable cat breeds. 
  • Toyger cat looks wild and exotic but they have been proved to be the great domesticated cat. 


  • They come under the category of expensive cat breeders. 
  • They are difficult to find through the breeders and also difficult to adapt themselves. 
  • As most of the cat breeds hate the water and don’t like to bathe for a very long time. 
  • Although there are no longer healthy or medical conditions associated with these cat breeds. they are just prone to have some heart prone only.  


Conclusively, they are medium-sized cat breeds. They have small and rounded ears, toward the back of the head and are oriented on a 45-degree line towards the centre of the eyes. Although specifically, they don’t have any tiger genes in their DNA. Overall they have a very good temperament as well. Toyger is also the most intelligent cat breed. They tend to enjoy challenges and stimulates with humans.

Toyger also has adventurous eyes – as long as humans are by their side. Overall, humans beings should adopt more to take care of animal lives as well. As cats are a small species of very wild animal. Even though the cats are being domesticated since 7500 BC. although according to the sources of  2021, there are around 220 million owned cats and 480 million stray cats across the world.

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In the United Kingdom, 26% of adults have a cat with an estimated population of 10.9 million pet cats as of 2020. In general, cats are awesome little miniature, they make love to their owners a lot.


How much does a Toyger cat cost?

Toyger cats are highly demanded and the most expensive cat Breeders. The Toyger kitten’s cost starts up from $1500 to $5000. Toyger Are the short-haired Breeds, who are only required to clip their nails by the pet owners. However, these cats are Price and the part of their expense includes health Screening and selective breeding, etc. Sometimes they can also eat twice a day. Thus, overall their yearly maintenance of health care cost around $500.

Are Toyger cats good pets?

Absolutely yes. Toyger cats are extremely awesome and wonderful cat breeds. Toyger cats are so friendly, alert, Attractive, outgoing, and Active cats, etc. They are easy to train pets. These cats also become good candidates in agility training. therefore, they are altogether good with Children and become Excellent family pets. Moreover, They can play fetch and can be taught to go on outdoor walks.

Are Toyger cats rare?

Toyger’s Cat has the unique pattern of broken and stoped branching among the domestics cat breeds. however, the Toyger cat is still very rare in the world. There are only 20 breeders in the US and another 15 in the rest of the world. Therefore, Toyger cats have a wild look but a tame temperature. Thus, Toyger cats are rare.

Are Toygers cuddly?

Yes. Toys are excellent family cats. They are very loving and cuddly kitties.

They are being loved and get along with the children and other animals as well. toyger’s are the most intelligent and wonderful companion Animals. Although along with these, they love to play, fetch thug of war, and being Indulge in Societal Activities as well. Thus, Togyer’s Cat could be Cuddled.

What is the most expensive breed of cat?

Savanah. The Savanah is the most expensive cat breed among all cat breeders. Although they are also the largest cat breeds of feline domestic cats. Therefore, they also have the highest eight itself that is 20 pounds.

Savannah is a very aggressive wild and new exotic cat breed.

Can Toyger cats be left alone?

Toyger cats are the most loving and incredibly honest cats. Although they can be left alone with their families it is much preferred to be around the people’s. This breed enjoys the company of humans and they are extremely friendly. thus, the Toyger cat will never get lonely when they are being left alone at home. so, you can consider your pet to being left alone if owners have some extremely urgent work to do.

Can Toygers go outside?

Yes. Toyger cats love to have outdoor walks and Stimulation. they are also very active cats and they will live happily as indoor cats. although they are known to be originated from the Country USA. However, they are cat – Friendly dogs, well with children and making them ideal cats with the families. Thu They are so perfect for going outsides.

Where do Toyger cats originate from?

The Toyger cat breed is known to have originated from the United States of America. Furthermore, they are said to be tiger cats as well. In general, they are overwhelmingly affectionate, Intelligent, and smart, etc. apparently they are not aggressive cats if we’re being treated right. Thus, their origin is a mesmerizing event.

At what age do you stop vaccinating your cat? 

Pet parents should vaccinate their pets at several stages of their lives. In particular, at the age of 8, 10, or 12 years or older years, they should be given some doses of vaccines to keep their health safe. although as recommended by the American animal hospital that the pets should start vaccinating at the early age of their lives. Therefore, vaccination is of paramount importance for every pet owner. 

What is the cheapest cat in the world?

Shorthairs are the most Cheapest Cat breed in the world. They are easily affordable and loving. Although there are some regional Variations when it Comes to the cost of cats. However, In many parts of the world, they can be bought at various prices. even though they are cheap, which makes them more wanted by lots of people and care about them as well. 


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