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Small dog breeds are the perfect breed for every lover of small dogs. Although when it comes to the small breeds, their size is the most common feature in personalities, activity level, and energy as well. These kinds of dogs are less recommended for high energetic work, they are more suitable for living in an apartment.

These kinds of small breeds do enjoy country life and opportunities to run around the country. These small dogs are dedicated to living with the family and with the young children.

Hence, here is the list of the top 10 small breed dogs 



The pug is the most recognized small dog breed in the world, with its wrinkled brows, curly tail, and glimmering eyes. These dogs need the daily workout and evening walk itself. They are the most affectionate, favourite, and playful dogs. They love to sleep a lot. Although the origin of the name ‘’pug’’ is the mystery itself, as one theory said it comes from the Latin word – ‘Pungus’ which means the ‘‘fist.’’



Maltese is the first dog breed that comes to mind when it comes to small dogs. They have the silkiest and soft skin with hairs in them. They are the most loyal dog breeds, they love playtime, they are the most energetic, they are easily trainable and they love to play tricks. 



The dachshunds are extremely good-looking and the most amusing dogs. These breeds are fearless, can be stubborn at times, are loyal to their pet parents, and are said to be the protector of the family. Apart from these, they need to have several walks. They actually inspired the name of the hot- dog and known itself by’’ dachshund – sausage.’’

Large Dog Breeds


small Dog Breed

chihuahua is known for its tiny size and large personality. They have pointy ears and cute round eyes. They are the most loyal dogs to their pet parents. People should have a chihuahua once in their whole lifetime. They are smart, brave and the most loving dog breed. And

In fact, chihuahua has the biggest brain as compared to all other dog breeds.

Some other examples 


small dog Breeds

These dogs are often associated with the dog shows, these curly-coated, small muscular breeds are also great companions to welcome into the home. Poodles are extremely active dogs with high energy levels.  They do enjoy the long walks, runs, sports, and swimming itself. Although their fancy shows also had practical functions on their own.



The glory of this breed is that they have a white coat and velvety skins. The most common feature of these breeds is that they have rounded hairs set off the nose and lips as well. These dogs are lovers, not warriors. They can be defined as the nice little watchdog. Their size and confidence make them the ideal town dogs. 


Small Dog Breeds

Boston terrier is a small-sized, well-balanced, and trainable dog. Their heads are square, muscle is small, they are interesting, mischievous, and smart dog breeds. They are recommended to live in a family. Boston always catches the rhythms, which are going in their surroundings. They can be found at the rate of INR 30000-70000. 



they have large bat ears. which is the trademark feature of these breeds. These French bulldogs are looks like a miniature bulldog. Their body is compact under a brilliant and smooth coat. They are easily kept by singles, and by families, as do not require much exercise and outdoor activities.



the Mi – ki dog is an upcoming small toy dog. Their weight is between 4-6 pounds somewhere. They generally like cats. The mi-ki appears to be cool, adaptable, and delightful. They make nice family companions. The Miki dog breeds love to do friendship with the other species. In fact, they are approachable to other dogs and calm to horses and friendly to dogs. 



These dog breeds are quite different as compare to other dog breeds. They are instinctively Tibetan blunt muzzle and expressive wide ears. Tibetan is about at shoulder at 10 inches, they move quickly and deliberately, they are seen in multi-coloured coat and colours.


Overall, the small dog breeds have a bog personality. they are more often liked by the individuals and confidently recommended for the families. They are playful, smart, loving, and love their pet parents. Hence, The small dog breeds have courageous hearts and engaging personalities. As Shakespeare puts that they may be little, they are fierce, but they are the most lovable pet that everyone should have once in their life.

These cute, small dog breeds can be happy in any space, from a large room to the happiest small apartment. They also intend to live longer as compared to their counterparts(from 12 to 20 years). 


Which is the best small breed dog?

According to several studies or surveys there is the list of the best small dog breeds are as follows – 

1: Maltese 

2: Boston Terrier.

3: Dachshund. 

4: Shih Tzu.

5: Pug.

6: Pomeranian.

7: Chihuahua. 

8: Yorkshire Terrier.

Which small dog is best for home?

Small dog breeds are the most cutest and adorable creatures on this planet. Although here is the list of some small dog breeds, who you could overwhelmingly welcome at your home. Thus, these are as follows – 

  1. Papillon. 
  2. Mini Poodle.
  3. Pomeranian. 
  4. Scottish Terrier.
  5. Schnauzer. 
  6. Maltese Shih Tzu. 
  7. Jack Russell Terrier. 
  8. Chihuahua.

What are the cutest small dog breeds?

The list of the cutest small dog breeds is mentioned below, which is based on several studies are as follows – 

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
  • Havanese. 
  • Pug. 
  • Bichon Frise. 
  • Italian Greyhound. 
  • Papillon. 
  • Boston Terrier.
  • Yorkshire Terrier

Is there a dog that can talk?

Yet no dog can able to talk. As after a lot of humanly researchers and Scholars, dog Breeds can bark only. They can’t talk like human beings. But apart from these, they have some special senses to know or smell things. Dog Breeds also get to know about when their favourite person gets sad or upset sometimes in a while. thus, there is no such dog in the world, which is able to talk or make communication. 

What are the top 10 smallest dogs?

  • 8 Bichon Frise – 5-10 kg.
  • 7 Shih Tzu – 4-7.2 kg.
  • 6 Pug – 6-9 kg.
  • 5 Papillon – 3.6-4.5 kg.
  • 4 Toy Poodle – 6-7 kg.
  • 3 Pomeranian-1.9-3.5 kg.
  • 2 Yorkshire Terrier- 1.3-3.2 kg.
  • 1 Chihuahua – 0.9-2.7 kg.

What is the most aggressive dog?

The Rough Collies is the most aggressive dog breed in the world. According to Scientific studies, they are the most aggressive ones, who comes under the category of large dog breed. Miniature poodles, miniature schnauzers, German shepherds and Spanish water dogs were also found to be more aggressive. Even though there are some other large dog breeds, who recognised as the most aggressive dogs are Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers etc. 

Which dogs attack their owners the most?

This is being experienced And shown by a number of scientific studies that the following dog breeds that are Mentioned below are – 

  • Labrador retrievers: 13.3%
  • Pit Bulls: 8.4%
  • German Shepherds: 7.8%
  • Rottweilers: 3.9%
  • Chows: 3.5%

Which dog has the strongest bite?

Dogs breeds are themselves the most powerful and strong animals. They are also used as security or guard dogs as well. Thus, here is the list of some dogs, who have the strongest bite of all are as follows – 

  • Mastiff – 552 pounds. 
  • Rottweiler – 328 pounds.
  • American Bulldog – 305 pounds.
  • German Shepherd – 238 pounds.
  • Pitbull – 235 pounds.

What is the teacup dog?

The teacups dogs are the miniature version of dogs, which are already very small creatures. They are already small creatures such as Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Poodle mixes, etc. They themselves are the most cutest and amazing little creatures. all the time, they are being cuddled by their owners and their favourite persons. Hence, they are the best to welcome at the Families, if you planning to welcome one in your family. 

Do dogs dream?

There are many people around us, who don’t know that dogs do see dreams. Even though it’s a fact that all mammals do dream. As if the owners find that the dog is twitching, chattering or moving their paws while sleeping.although as a matter of fact, dogs can’t let others know that they dreamt and what they have seen in their dreams.

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